Structural and Financial Superiority


Fire proof?

6x6’s walls have a one hour burn time!

Fire cannot penetrate the house through vents like a normal house.

Normal houses have foundation, wall, and roof vents, all which are an entry to the inside. This allows fires to quickly take down a building.

The vents of a normal stick frame house are used to prevent moisture problems, we don’t have vents in our design. We don’t need vents because of the concrete slab design.

To further the fire proofing capabilities, core 10 steel sheets can be added to the walls and roof, making your house virtually untouchable to fire.

Environmental Impact

90% less waste goes to the landfill.

The house can be be completely dissembled and every piece is reusable


Because the walls cannot be separated from the foundation, and the roof is connected to this, you can shake it but you can’t break it. According to our engineers, the safest home design for earthquakes is a slab, including of our build process is icing on a cake.


The everyday person can afford a house!

With such low cost and ease of construction, we're essentially going to solve the housing crisis.


If your local neighborhood volcano starts erupting, All your building materials are easily disassembled and trucked away leaving only the cement foundation.